Version 2.0.1


Patch Changes#

Checkbox 2.0.1#

  • Fix issue where checkbox doesn't reset the the form reset event is triggered

Color Mode 2.0.1#

  • Improve SSR for color mode by adding manager.get() in the default state

  • Add support disableTransitionOnChange option in ColorModeProvider and theme.config to control whether the transition of all elements should be temporarily disabled while the color mode changes.

  • Expose cookieStorageManagerSSR for users who prefer to manage color mode server-side. If you use this, there's no need for the ColorModeScript

    function App({ Component, pageProps }) {
    // get the `cookie` from each page `getServerSideProps` return value
    // Note: the implementation is up to you
    const manager = cookieStorageManagerSSR(pageProps.cookie)
    return (
    <ChakraProvider manager={manager}>
    <Component />
  • We now provide a way to customize the localStorage / cookie storage key

    import { createLocalStorageManager } from "@chakra-ui/react"
    const manager = createLocalStorageManager("my-key")
    // in root
    function App() {
    return <ChakraProvider colorModeManager={manager} />
    // in script
    function Document() {
    return <ColorModeScript storageKey="my-key" />
  • Fix inconsistent handling across provider and script

Theme @2.0.1#

  • Refactor global theme to use semantic token to prevent flash of white
  • Revert toast's default variant to solid

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