Version 2.2.2


Minor Changes#

Color Mode 2.1.0#

  • Check if the MediaQueryList object supports the addEventListener() method, else fallback to the legacy .addListener() method.
  • Export useDrawerContext hook

System 2.2.0#

  • Extract and export getToken function from useToken
  • Improve parameter types for useToken

Patch Changes#

Theme Utilities#

  • Remove internal usage of createBreakpoints function

Checkbox 2.1.1#

  • Fixed issue where switch cannot be toggled when text is selectedd

Descendant 3.0.3#

  • Added type constraints to useDescendants hook for improved TypeScript 4.8 support

Layout 2.0.3#

  • SimpleGrid: Fixed issue where minChildWidth doesn't work with size tokens

Radio 2.0.3#

  • Fixed issue where radio doesn't show focus when interacting with keyboard

Skeleton 2.0.7#

  • Added TS doc comments for fadeDuration prop

Toast 3.0.0#

  • Moved @chakra-ui/system to peer dependency

Tooltip 2.0.3#

  • Avoid rendering multiple tooltips so that they are not appeared after opening a modal

CLI 2.1.1#

  • Added --no-format option
  • Fixed issue where CLI crashed due to lodash.throttle dependency

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