Version 2.4.0


Minor Changes#

All packages#

Fixed issue where using @chakra-ui/react or any sub-package in a TypeScript project with "type": "module" in package.json and "moduleResolution": "Node16" in tsconfig.json cannot find the types.

Card 2.1.0#

Introduced new Card component

export function Basic() {
return (
<Heading size="md"> Customer dashboard</Heading>
<Text>View a summary of all your customers over the last month.</Text>
<Button>View here</Button>

System 2.3.2#

  • Removed Dict type dependency from createStyleContext

Tooltip 2.2.1#

  • Fixed issue where dynamically changing a tooltip's isDisabled when it is open didn't have any effect.

    Now, changing the isDisabled prop will close the tooltip leading to a more consistent behavior.

Theme 2.2.0#

  • Refactored theme to use CSS variables

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