Version 2.4.4


Minor Changes#

Styled System 2.5.0#

  • Reverted isTruncated to solve some edge cases with noOfLines={1}

Gatsby Plugin 3.1.0#

  • Added option to use ChakraBaseProvider instead of ChakraProvider2. This will only apply theme tokens only and exlude theming for components.

Patch Changes#

Card 2.1.3#

  • Fixed issue where CardFooter style could not be overriden from theme.

Icons 2.0.14#

  • Added ReactIcon to align with Figma UI Kit

Skeleton 2.0.20#

  • Added support for fitContent prop.

    When set to true, the Skeleton will take the width of its children.

    <Skeleton fitContent>
    <p>Hello World</p>
  • Fixed issue where Skeleton styles could not be overidden in dark mode

Slider 2.0.16#

  • Expose RangeSliderState and RangeSliderActions types to improve documentation

Table 2.0.13#

  • Added the layout prop to set the tableLayout CSS property.

CLI 2.2.1#

  • Improved support for TS config paths

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