Version 2.4.7


Patch Changes#

Icon 3.0.15#

Removed duplicate export * from 'src' statements

System 2.3.8#

Fixed issue where style overrides does not respect order of precedence due to the use of Object.assign.

To illustrate the issue, consider the following example:

const stylesFromTheme = {
px: 8,
padding: 0,
const stylesFromProps = {
px: 4,
const style = Object.assign({}, stylesFromTheme, stylesFromProps)
// Result: { px: 4, padding: 0 }
// Expected: { padding: 0, px: 4 }

The issue is that Object.assign will replace properties in place with values from the override objects. This is not the desired behavior for style overrides hence a custom assignAfter function is used instead

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