Version 2.4.8


Minor Changes#

System 2.4.0#

  • Fixed issue where TS throws an error when using the translate style prop due to clash with the native DOM translate attribute.

    This was fixed by omitting the native translate attribute and introducing a new htmlTranslate attribute for user who need this.

Patch Changes#

All components#

  • Refactor code to use explicit exports
  • Bump react-remove-scroll, react-focus-lock and aria-hidden dependencies
  • Fix issue where console throws a warning from react-remove-scroll when multiple modal dialogs are open.

Icons 2.0.17#

  • Fixed issue where ReactIcon was not exported

Theme 2.2.5#

  • Refactored Card theme to use component tokens. This makes it easier to override styles from the base style.

Styled System 2.5.2#

  • Fixed issue where useBreakpointValue resolves to an incorrect value when resizing the window in Firefox

Hooks 2.1.5#

  • Fixed issue where useDimensions uses stale value of node reference

Toast 5.0.0#

  • Fixed issue where default toast options are not applied correctly.

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