Gradients are a way to have transition between two or more colors. You can add gradient support using any of the following style props.

  • bgGradient: a shorthand, convenient style prop to apply theme-aware gradients.
  • bgClip: a shorthand for background-clip CSS attribute. Useful when creating text gradients.
  • backgroundClip: the typical background-clip CSS attribute. Useful when creating text gradients.

Background Gradient API#

To add a gradient to an element, pass the bgGradient prop and set its value following the API:

  • linear(<direction>, <from>, <to>)
  • radial(<from>, <to>)

You can also use other CSS gradient types like repeating-linear, conic, etc.

For linear gradients, the <direction> can be set to the default CSS directions (e.g. to top) or the shorthand equivalent (e.g to-t).

Here's the list of supported direction shorthands and their respective values:

"to-t": "to top",
"to-tr": "to top right",
"to-r": "to right",
"to-br": "to bottom right",
"to-b": "to bottom",
"to-bl": "to bottom left",
"to-l": "to left",
"to-tl": "to top left"


Let's create a simple gradient from green.200 to pink.500

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Customizing Colors#

You can use both theme-aware color tokens or raw CSS color values.

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Multiple Color Stops#

By adding more color-stop points on the gradient line, you can create a highly customized transition between multiple colors.

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Following the CSS gradient specification, you can also define the distribution of the color stops

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Text Gradient API#

To add a text gradient, pass the bgGradient following the API and bgClip prop to text.

Welcome to Chakra UI

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Responsive Gradients#

You can control the responsiveness of gradients by specifying the gradients at the different breakpoints.

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Changing gradient with pseudo props#

You can change the gradient of an element based on common CSS pseudo attributes (hover, focus, active, etc).

For example, on hover, add the gradient you wish to have.

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