Aspect Ratio

AspectRatio component is used to embed responsive videos and maps, etc. It uses a very common padding hack to achieve this.

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import { AspectRatio } from "@chakra-ui/react"

Embed Video#

To embed a video with a specific aspect ratio, use an iframe with src pointing to the link of the video.

Pass the maxWidth prop to AspectRatio to control the width of the content.

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Embed Image#

Here's how to embed an image that has a 4 by 3 aspect ratio.

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Embed a map#

Here's how to embed a responsive Google map using AspectRatio. To make the map take up the entire width, we can ignore the maxWidth prop.

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The aspect ratio of the Box. Common values are: `21/9`, `16/9`, `9/16`, `4/3`, `1.85/1`

number | ResponsiveArray<number> | Partial<Record<string, number>>
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