useToken is a custom hook used to resolve design tokens from the theme.


import { useToken } from '@chakra-ui/react'

Return value#

The useToken hook retrieves whatever is in the theme at the given path(s).


function Example() {
const [red100, blue200] = useToken(
// the key within the theme, in this case `theme.colors`
// the subkey(s), resolving to ``
['red.100', 'blue.200'],
// a single fallback or fallback array matching the length of the previous arg
return (
<Box p={4} boxShadow={`inset 0 4px 0 ${red100}, 0 0 8px ${blue200}`}>
You can utilize <Code>useToken</Code> to create a <Code>boxShadow</Code>{' '}
with colors from your theme.

Note that you can also use the sx prop to write styles freely using themes tokens.

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