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Using Chakra UI's official create-react-app templates

Create React App allows users to create a project using a template, which determines the files and dependencies included with the generated project.

We provide two official create-react-app templates for Chakra UI: one for JavaScript and the other for TypeScript.


In order to generate a create-react-app project from a template, you pass the --template flag to the create-react-app command.

The template name for the JavaScript project is @chakra-ui. The template name for the TypeScript project is @chakra-ui/typescript.

What's included#

The official templates are similar to the base create-react-app template, but they come with Chakra UI dependencies pre-installed and include Chakra-specific functionality.

Pre-install dependencies#

  • @chakra-ui/react
  • @chakra-ui/theme
  • @chakra-ui/theme-tools
  • react-icons

Chakra-specific functionality#

  • ChakraProvider and CSSReset already connected to the default theme
  • ColorModeSwitcher component, using Chakra's color mode management
  • Animated Chakra UI logo instead of the React logo
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