Accordions display a list of high-level options that can expand/collapse to reveal more information.


Chakra UI exports 5 accordion-related components.

  • Accordion: The wrapper that uses cloneElement to pass props to AccordionItem children.
  • AccordionItem: A single accordion item.
  • AccordionButton: The button that toggles the expand/collapse state of the accordion item. This button must be wrapped in an element with role heading.
  • AccordionPanel: The container for the details to be revealed.
  • AccordionIcon: A chevron-down icon that rotates based on the expanded/collapsed state
import {
} from "@chakra-ui/react"


By default, only one item may be expanded and it can only be collapsed again by expanding another.

Accordion now supports keyboard navigation between accordion buttons. Pressing the up and down arrow keys will move focus between accordion buttons.

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Expand multiple items at once#

If you set allowMultiple to true then the accordion will permit multiple items to be expanded at once.

If you pass this prop, ensure that the index or defaultIndex prop is an array.

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Toggle each accordion item#

If you set allowToggle to true, any expanded item may be collapsed again.

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Styling the expanded state#

The AccordionButton component has aria-expanded set to true or false depending on the state of the AccordionItem. Use the style prop _expanded to style this state.

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Accessing the internal state#

If you need access to the internal state of each accordion item, you can use a render prop. It provides 2 internal state props: isExpanded and isDisabled.

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Pressing space or enter when focus is on the accordion panel header will toggle (expand or collapse) the accordion.


Accordion Props#

allowMultiplebooleanIf `true`, multiple accordion items can be expanded at once.-
allowTogglebooleanIf `true`, any expanded accordion item can be collapsed again.-
colorScheme"blue" | "cyan" | "gray" | "green" | "orange" | "pink" | "purple" | "red" | "teal" | "yellow" | "whiteAlpha" | "blackAlpha" | "linkedin" | "facebook" | "messenger" | "whatsapp" | "twitter" | "telegram"Color Schemes for Accordion are not implemented in the default theme. You can extend the theme to implement them.-
defaultIndexnumber | number[]The initial index(es) of the expanded accordion item-
indexnumber | number[]The index(es) of the expanded accordion item-
onChange((expandedIndex: ExpandedIndex) => void)The callback invoked when accordion items are expanded or collapsed.-
reduceMotionbooleanIf `true`, height animation and transitions will be disabled.-
sizestringSizes for Accordion are not implemented in the default theme. You can extend the theme to implement them.-
variantstringVariants for Accordion are not implemented in the default theme. You can extend the theme to implement them.-

AccordionItem Props#

idstringA unique id for the accordion item.-
isDisabledbooleanIf `true`, the accordion item will be disabled.-
isFocusablebooleanIf `true`, the accordion item will be focusable.-

AccordionButton Props#

AccordionButton renders a button and composes Box, this means you can style it by passing the pseudo style props _expanded, _disabled, _hover, etc.

AccordionPanel Props#

AccordionPanel renders a div and composes Collapse to provide the height animation.