Link is an accessible element for navigation.



import { Link } from '@chakra-ui/react'
import { ExternalLinkIcon } from '@chakra-ui/icons'


<Link>Chakra UI</Link>
<Link href='' isExternal>
Chakra Design system <ExternalLinkIcon mx='2px' />
Did you know that{' '}
<Link color='teal.500' href='#'>
links can live inline with text

Usage with Routing Library#

To use the Link with a routing library like Reach Router or React Router, all you need to do is pass the as prop. It'll replace the rendered a tag with Reach's Link.

// 1. import { Link as ReachLink } from "@reach/router"
// 2. Then use it like this
<Link as={ReachLink} to='/home'>

Usage with Next.js#

To use the Link with Next.js, all you need to do is to wrap Link with Next.js Link component and pass the passHref prop. passHref Forces Next.js Link to send the href property to its child.

// 1. import NextLink from "next/link"
// 2. Then use it like this
<NextLink href='/home' passHref>
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