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A tooltip is a brief, informative message that appears when a user interacts with an element. Tooltips are usually initiated in one of two ways: through a mouse-hover gesture or through a keyboard-hover gesture.

The Tooltip component follows the WAI-ARIA Tooltip Pattern.



If the children of Tooltip is a string, we wrap with in a span with tabIndex set to 0, to ensure it meets the accessibility requirements.

Note 🚨: If the Tooltip is wrapped in a functional component. Ensure you forwardRef to this component.

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Editable Example

With an icon#

Editable Example

With arrow#

Editable Example

Tooltip with focusable content#

If the children of the tooltip is a focusable element, the tooltip will show when you focus or hover on the element, and will hide when you blur or move cursor out of the element.

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Disabled Tooltip#

Editable Example


Using the placement prop you can adjust where your tooltip will be displayed.

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More examples#

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childrenReactNodeThe react component to use as the trigger for the tooltip-
aria-labelstringThe accessible, human friendly label to use for screen readers. If passed, tooltip will show the content `label` but expose only `aria-label` to assistive technologies-
arrowPaddingnumberThe distance of the arrow to its next border (numeric) E.g. arrowPadding = borderRadius * 2-
closeDelaynumberDelay (in ms) before hiding the tooltip0ms
closeOnClickbooleanIf `true`, the tooltip will hide on click-
closeOnMouseDownbooleanIf `true`, the tooltip will hide while the mouse is down-
cssInterpolation<{}>The emotion's css style object-
defaultIsOpenbooleanIf `true`, the tooltip will be initially shown-
hasArrowbooleanIf `true`, the tooltip will show an arrow tip-
isOpenbooleanIf `true`, the tooltip will be shown (in controlled mode)-
labelReactNodeThe label of the tooltip-
modifiersModifier<string, any>[]-
offset[number, number]-
onClose(() => void)Callback to run when the tooltip hides-
onOpen(() => void)Callback to run when the tooltip shows-
openDelaynumberDelay (in ms) before showing the tooltip0ms
orientation"horizontal" | "vertical"-
placement"top" | "right" | "bottom" | "left" | "auto" | "auto-start" | "auto-end" | "top-start" | "top-end" | "bottom-start" | "bottom-end" | "right-start" | "right-end" | "left-start" | "left-end"The Popper.js placement of the tooltip-
shouldWrapChildrenbooleanIf `true`, the tooltip will wrap its children in a `<span/>` with `tabIndex=0`-
styleConfigRecord<string, any>-
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